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Windows PC Repairs

Windows PC service and repair pricing .

  • £ 40Virus/Spyware Removal
  • £ 70Full Performance / Malware Service
  • £ 15PC Diagnostics
  • £ callSystem Upgrades
  • £ callMemory Upgrade/Replacement
  • £ callData Recovery

Windows Laptop Repairs

Windows Laptop service and repair pricing.

  • £ 40Virus/Spyware Removal
  • £ 70Full Performance / Malware Service
  • £ 15Laptop Diagnostics
  • £ callMemory Upgrade/Replacement
  • £ callData Recovery
  • £ callLCD Display Panel
  • £ callKeyboard Replacement
  • £ callBattery Replacement
  • £ callDC Jack Replacement

On-Site Support

We appreciate that there are times when on-site is the only way to solve an issue. We're happy to provide this service after discussing your PC or Laptop issue with you. It's about providing the most economic and most convenient repair for you. Please phone to discuss.

Anything Else

There may be other repair and support questions you have which are not covered here. Please call us to discuss other hardware or software issues.

Data Recovery

Below are Windows Hard Drive and Flash device data recovery prices. We can generally recover data from hard drives and Flash devices when the device is functioning well but data has been lost. The files may have been accidentally deleted, or the drive may have been formatted - Logical failure. Where there are Media Issues, where the drive has developed bad sectors, making it difficult or impossible to access via any Windows based operating system we can generally recover your data. In the event that your device has suffered Electronic, Firmware or Physical failure then you will need to consult with a specialist data recovery company

  • from £40Computer Dead – HHD Recovery
  • from £40Hard Drive Logical Failure
  • from £15Hard Drive Diagnostic Fee
  • from £40External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • from £25USB, Flash Memory Card recovery Logical Failure

Mobile Devices

Need help on repairs for Smartphones and Tablets?.

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