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We can fix your Windows PC, Laptop or All in One

Whatever mix of Windows PC, Laptop, All in One etc that you use whether as a business, professional or home (family) machine you probably rely on it to be up and running at full speed when you need it? If you’ve been using these machines for any time you’ll know your lucky if you don’t have to do some running repairs every so often – routine stuff like checking for viruses or simply backing up data. Other gremlins do occasionally take over, parts can fail or software can have a mind of it’s own! Whatever the issue we’ve got the know how (and tenacity) to find a solution and keep things running for you.

For the majority of repairs it’s much more efficient and therefore cheaper if you can get the machine into our workshop for repair. However if that not possible or we need to diagnose in situ then we can arrange a home visit.

Please call us for any advice or use our contact form to get in touch with us and we will start the evaluation and estimate on the cost of repair.


Windows PC & Laptop Repair Services

  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • Windows fails to load
  • System won’t POST
  • Virus removal
  • Power failure
  • Hard Drive upgrade to SSD
  • Supply of new PC
  • Performance service
  • Upgrade consultation
  • General diagnostics
  • Data recovery

Specifically Laptop Repair Service

  • LCD screen replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • DC jack / charging repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Hardware & Software diagnostics

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Repair Services

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