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Data Recovery

Lost Your Data? Don’t Panic : Not All Is Lost

Sometimes computers can seriously malfunction causing massive disruption to emails, critical system files, database and user data files - your company or personal information and files.

In some cases, even when files are simply accidentally deleted, it may be possible to recover the files, but quick and professional action is needed. It is critical not to use or write to the device as soon as you suspect data loss.

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Type of Files & Media We Can Recover

Retrieving valuable files and photos

It is possible that we can still retrieve your valuable files and valuable family photographs for you from various Windows media.

System & data recovery

It depends on how damaged your hard drive, USB stick or memory card is as to whether we can successfully retrieve your data from it.

  • Computer Dead – Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Deleted Files?
  • Formatted Drive?
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Unreadable CD/DVD?
  • USB, Flash Memory Card Recovery?

Other services include Password Removal and Secure Data Erasure.

Repair Services

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